services provided

Pathways fills a gap in the medical world through education and planning. We offer support to alleviate stress and anxiety. The Pathways Liaison provides life-enhancing education and support on a variety of topics. After your introduction meeting, we will tailor a program that best fits your needs. The number of sessions varies depending on your needs and direction.


Develop or enhance communication skills between family members and healthcare providers.

defining quality-of-life

Address the challenges of living with an advanced or chronic illness. Identify goals and/or wishes of the patient and develop a plan to achieve them.

coping strategies

Identify stressors associated with diagnosis and explore strategies to help the patient and family effectively manage such stressors. Address anticipatory grief issues, as well as interpersonal struggles.

practical issues

Assist the patient and family in identifying the many practical issues they face and explore tangible solutions. You will gain strategies for handling changes in your daily routine that may occur due to advancing illness.

emotional issues

Assist the patient and family in identifying feelings of anger, loss of control, sadness, fear, and anxiety related to the advancing illness, impact on patient/family life, pain and/or symptom management.

spiritual issues

Provide an avenue to reconnect or strengthen spiritual beliefs. We assist the patient and family in addressing issues related to: cause and meaning of disease, purpose in life, and connection with others.

Advanced directives

Offer education and guidance regarding various types of Advanced Directives, including: Directive to the Physician (living will), Medical Power of Attorney, Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders, and Organ Donation.

where are sessions held?

Pathways sessions can be provided in the comfort of you home, hospital, skilled nursing center, assisted living facility, or another agreed upon location.

program partner

Pathways is sponsored by AIM Hospice. The team of professionals at AIM Hospice is specially trained to guide you through the life enhancing issues addressed in this program, thus making Pathways a natural extension of its mission. Pathways is not a hospice program, nor does it provide medical services or advice to patients.